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Audio Video Systems

Audio Video Systems

PA (Public Address) System is an audio transmission system used in buildings, most commonly seen in schools, airports, airplanes, drive-thru at fast food chains and hospitals. It is often used for announcements and to declare a state of emergency. As obviously it requires to be broadcasted to various zones. Therefore, a Back Ground Music based PA system is ideal as it provides the user to broadcast music to all zones.

Transcend meets all requirements from providing single and multiple zone systems along with centrally and locally located multiple input music sources. Loudspeaker units can be served with an easy selection and accessibility depending on the level and quality requirement of specific area. Transcend embraces high level knowledge of the manufactured equipment available around the world in order to provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions.


Audio Video Intercom

Transcend team of dedicated engineers provide the best four wired audio video intercom solutions. These services are designed in a manner to suit your requirements. They are not just custom-made but are best applicable for high rise resident buildings, luxury villa, etc.

Security enabled products with line display and user friendly operation is our forte. We have systems suitable for 2 door 2 intercom stations to 2 door 100 intercom stations and so on, that are flexible and can be altered for slave station additions. Audio intercom, Video intercom, Intercom with door lock and security features, Intercom solution for high rise buildings, Direct Phone intercom system which can take calls directly summarize our products and services.


PABX Installation and Services

Communication within the work space and outside the world is the key to an efficient business module. Transcend business phone system helps you to achieve this aspect with its remarkable business phone systems.

Efficient yet cost effective business phone systems with basic feature such as voice mail and speaker phones are appropriate for small offices with a small team. We at Transcend care for all your needs by providing phone systems suitable for office spaces from small to big. Our systems come with a choice of additional features like automated attendant, on-hold messaging, conference calling, automatic call distribution and computer telephone integration to match your needs. For larger office spaces and call centers, we have powerful multi-line phone solutions like Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. These PBX systems can be programmed for various implementations which can help the technology expand with the company’s growth. Transcend phone systems are not just suitable for today but are futuristic as well.


TV Reception and Distribution Systems (MATV, IPTV & SMATV)

Televisions these days are an irreplaceable source of knowledge, news and entertainment. Latest and advanced technology systems to receive and distribute Satellite television channels, terrestrial channel and pay TV channels is what Transcend offers.

A dish farm, head-end station and fiber/copper infrastructure is all that is required for Transcend to bring-in almost all the terrestrial and paid channels along with all the free to air channels available in the region. Offering satellite television channels for entertainment and news and business channels for everyday update Transcend can provide Orbit, Showtime, First Net, Al Awael, PEHLA and E-Vision channels.


Classroom Projectors and Smart Boards

Hassel-free presentations are the most welcomed and result oriented. Transcend understands the problems of the presenter being distracted by the projected light or blocking it during the presentation; the need to place projectors at a distance for a larger display, causing discomfort in accessing. To resolve this, Transcend offers state-of-the-art Audio Visual communications and integrated systems suitable for Boardroom, Conferences and Training presentation solutions. Transcend provides an ultra-powerful short-throw lens for large screen projection from short distances. These powerful projectors deliver installation flexibility with an optical zoom and lens shift capability while minimizing glare especially for educational usage, training, corporate applications and a range of other uses.


IT & ELV Design Consultancy

Today’s world demands the most comprehensive and integrated security solutions. At Transcend the methodology followed for all our IT and ELV system designs are based on the most up-to-date technology. Identifying threats and designing in moderation to counter them is the core of operation at Transcend. We are vendor independent and provide solutions based on individual and truly consultative opinions. Be it physical properties or people, we have gained a reputation as specialists in our solutions with a motto to provide the most proficient, viable and client friendly services.

Transcend also provides Master clock systems. Highly accurate master clock solutions with several different local clock oscillator options that use copper or fiber connections are provided. Accuracy and frequency synchronization are the key factor.


Project Management

The essential part of any form of business is project management. Planning, organizing, motivating and utilizing the resources in a controlled manner to achieve specific goal is what Transcend strives for. We, at Transcend understand that the temporary nature of projects stand contrast to the repetitive, permanent and semi-permanent functional activities of the business.in order to manage these two systems efficiently, Transcend works with distinct technical skills and management strategies which are unique and innovative.

Transcend develops and utilizes templates that are in par with the scope, time, quality and budget, while augmenting the necessary inputs and assimilating them to meet pre- defined objectives.

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